Story of the Angel Hotel and Suites

The Angel Hotel and Suites is spread across 5 floors with only 4 rooms on each floor. Each room has a private balcony and is garden facing...

The Angel Hotel and Suites is a professional organization involved in the business of hospitality from the last several years. Angel Hospitality manages guesthouses & hotels & is also involved in the Medical tourism industry.

The organization is run by professionals from various walks of life, and diversity is encouraged in the organizational culture.

The organization is headed by Ms. Shilpi Gupta, whole-time Director of Angel Hospitality Pvt. Limited. She believes in leading from the front & most of the time she is available at the hotel, taking care of the guests & making them feel at home.

Shilpi is person of Multifaceted Interests & Qualifications ranging from a Degree in Classical Dancing to a Masters in Computer’s Science. But the most she loves is interacting with People. As Head of Marketing, She has an Art of Impressing one and all with her Charm & Wits.